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The impact of trapped infrared radiation in cosmological radiation-hydrodynamic simulations

Over their lifetime, active galactic nuclei (AGN) release an amount of energy which exceeds the binding energy of their host galaxies by large factors ~100. The extent to which the released energy couples to the interstellar- and intergalactic media remains one of the greatest sources of uncertainty in current models of galaxy formation, in great part because the underlying physical mechanisms have not yet been identified. I will present a new suite of cosmological simulations performed with the radiation-hydrodynamic code RAMSES-RT, which have been tailored to test models in which AGN feedback proceeds via radiation pressure-driven dust. I will start by reviewing the current understanding of outflows driven with radiation pressure on dust using analytical arguments and idealised simulations of outflowing shells in galactic haloes. Using fully cosmological simulations, I will then highlight the role of trapped infrared (IR) radiation in accelerating large-scale outflows and in the regulation of star formation in high-redshift massive starbursts. I will discuss the kinematic and thermal properties of these outflows and, finally, conclude with a discussion on the physical limitations of feedback by trapped IR radiaton.


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