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From the FOURGE to the FIRE: Tracking Galaxy Evolution Over 12 Billion Years

ZFOURGE and ZFIRE are sensitive extragalactic surveys that track how galaxies assemble over the past 12 billion years. ZFOURGE identifies and measures cosmological distances to approximately 70,000 objects using a custom set of near-infrared imaging filters. ZFIRE selects galaxies from ZFOURGE for spectroscopic follow-up to measure how baryons cycle between stars, winds, and the Inter-Stellar Medium (ISM). Here I highlight results that include mapping how galaxies are distributed in the distant universe, characterising the galaxies' spectral properties over cosmic time, and determining how galaxies differ depending on their neighbours.


Unless announced otherwise, the lunch talks start at 12:30 sharp. The approximate duration of the lunch talk is given above, and additional time will be given for questions and discussion following the presentation. Please make sure that you take ample time to pick up your lunch beforehand.

Information for Speakers and Hosts: Talks by internal speakers are limited to 20 minutes, with additional time for questions. Visiting speakers can have up to 30 minutes, with additional time for questions. Hosts are responsible for bringing the speaker to the correct room in ample time to set up laptops etc., and for ensuring the speaker also has time for lunch.

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