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Direct measurement of vertical dust settling in protoplanetary disks

Vertical dust settling is thought to be a general mechanism resulting in the concentration of dust in protoplanetary disk midplanes. Because of instabilities and enhanced densities, rapid dust growth, as well as pebble and boulder formation are expected to occur when high enough dust concentrations are reached at the midplane. Yet, the properties of this dust sub-disk remain unconstrained by direct observations. In this I will briefly present recent ALMA observations of HL Tau and HH 30 and will discuss them in the context of dust settling, highlighting the properties of the dust sub-disk at the midplane. In HL Tau we have shown that the size and contrast of the rings as a function of azimuth imply a very thin dust layer in the midplane (h<2au at r=100au). For HH 30, the edge-on geometry allows to directly measure (i.e. without any modelling) the vertical (and radial) extension of the dust disk. Again the data shows an extremely flat dust disk. We will discuss the thickness of the dust layers and estimate the corresponding increase if dust-to-gas ratio. These two examples provide new, and direct, constraints on the midplane of disks that should be useful in the future to improve (M-)HD simulations of dust evolution.


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